HANOWA CABLE - Optima Series

HANOWA CABLE  - Optima Series

Optima - The meaning of this series name is for “the most preferred choice”.

HANOWA R&D team gives this flagship series of cables a powerful and appropriate name, to figure out that Optima cable is the most suitable to sound systems and promote them to perform at its best.

Laboratory level single crystal silver cables also incorporate special metal elements into the conductors to adjust transmission characteristics for improvement. On the basis of Teflon insulated cable base and features of the Signature series cable, HANOWA team is once again making breakthroughs.

The sound characteristics of single crystal silver are generally higher in cleanliness compared to single crystal copper, and the high-end sound is also relatively improved by a significant level. However, the sound thickness may be slightly lacking, resulting in a thinner sound.

In the early stages of the experiment, Optima also faced the issue of sound thickness and looseness. During the experiment, different crystallization processes were adjusted and cable production plans were modified, gradually adjusting the problem of single crystal silver cable to a loose texture, with a noble sound performance.

More importantly, the expressive power of Soundstage comprehensively surpasses the performance of the Signature series.

Of course, the Optima series follows the mature techniques of the Signature series in many manufacturing processes.

There are two levels of Optima series, Level 1 and Level 2.

The main difference lies in the number of single crystal silver conductors and the production process of double shielding isolation. The quietness and looseness of Level 2 are at a higher level of performance compared to Level 1.

If the sound system has reached a good performance but cannot yet produce advanced texture and live sound performance, it is recommended to use HANOWA's Optima series cables on the system, which will definitely bring a refreshing experience.

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