3-way linear array dipole sound design

- 8 x AMT tweeter

- 1.2M bi-directional 4-slot ribbon tweeter array mid-range driver

- Dual 12-inch large dynamic maximum output 2000W servo power amplifier with DSP

• Anti-Vibration frame

Cut from high-density aluminum plate.

Suppress the resonance and improve the strength of the enclosure, reduce the distortion and unnecessary noise caused by the enclosure vibration, to achieve a cleaner sound.

• Manual soldering crossover system

The components of the crossover are connected by conductors on the circuit board. All components are directly pressurized and tightly matched by hand from point to point, minimizing the path of electrical signals.

• Large panel

The front panel is made of 15mm high-density low-resonance aluminum alloy, which completely eliminates the resonance of the speaker enclosure. The high hardness can almost resist all drivers’ vibration. 

High density aluminum alloy makes better sound penetration.

• Mid-range speaker

The world's largest linear array aluminum ribbon tweeter mid-range driver

Nominal Impedance: 8Ohm x 1

RMS.Power: 80W                

Max.Power: 160W

The aluminum ribbon tweeter features with very light in weight, highly efficient in vibration, and extremely fast speed in response.


- 8xAMT

- Nominal Impedance: 8Ohm X 8

- RMS.Power: 20Wx8

- Max.Power: 40Wx8

The working principle of the Air Motion Transformer is that there is a special insulating film between the two magnetic poles, and the film surface is covered with a layer of metal coils arranged in a certain direction, and the plastic film attached to the aluminum film is repeatedly folded as a diaphragm component. When the current passes through, the folded film will act due to the magnetic field, and the film wrinkles will push the air out of the fold or inhale the air, radiates sound waves in a jet like an accordion.

The AMT tweeter features with large diaphragm area, light diaphragm, a straight impedance curve, excellent high-frequency extension, fast response speed, and a strong sense of energy and penetration.


8 Ohm



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